If you have any questions please contact us anytime!

How can I watch WYBU Christian Tv?

We broadcast over the air on channel 16.1 as our main local channel. We also broadcast our Lifestyles Network on our second over the air channel 16.2. You can access these channels by scanning your tv for new channels. We are also carried on all local cable companies. Wow Channel 2, Mediacom Channel 9, Charter Channel 19, AT&T Uverse Channel 16. Our national network is carried on DirecTv Channel 376 and Dish Network Channel 267. Lastly we steam a live feed of WYBU on our website 24/7.

Will you pray for me or my family?

Absolutely! The power of prayer is an amazing thing and we will gladly pray for you or anyone in need. Please contact us through the contact form or call us anytime at 334.298.5916.

How can I air a show on WYBU?

For available time slots and rates please contact Virgil Thompson at 334.298.5916.